My Letter For My Friend

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When I was in the fifth grade, my father told me that I would be moving from my hometown, Abilene, to Belton. This was tough news for me. I had made close friends, lived in a house I felt safe in, and attended a school that I was comfortable in. This would be something totally new for me, as I would be leaving everything behind. While I knew this was a challenge, I would not allow it to break me down. I went into the transition with high spirits and a desire to learn something from it. I had made all of my close friends in Abilene. These boys knew everything about me. They were family to me and the thought of leaving them behind saddened me. I, however, would not let that drag me down. I knew I could make new friends while still keeping in touch with the old ones I had. Luckily, the process of making friends would be made a little bit easier. My mother told me, on the day of the move, that there were boys in the neighborhood that were eager to meet me. The next day I heard someone knock on the door. I opened the door and there stood a kid. He introduced himself as Noah and told me that he lived down the street from me. After that day, Noah became my closest friend. He introduced me to his friends, showed me the neighborhood, and sat with me at lunch. He did not realize this but he showed me how to keep an open mind. On the days he wasn’t at school, I met other people. There were days where I would walk to a random group of people and talk to them. Every conversation I had

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