My Letter : My Dear Uncle

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God created each and every of us with the same love and dignity. Each individual has feeling and emotion. Without love and compassion for others, we are just objects that can move. There have been many people who have gone through my life, but one of the people who I will never be able to meet again is my dear uncle. He is one of the most wonderful people I have ever known in my life. His name was Cu Van Nguyen, and he was from Binh Duong, Vietnam. He migrated to the United States back in 1975 when he was about twenty-three years of age. During the time of migration, he brought his wife and her nine brothers and sisters with him; in the opposite, he did not bring anyone from his family side. When they all safely got to America, an American family in Georgia agreed to sponsor them. Uncle Cu and his siblings stayed with their sponsor for a few years, and then his wife’s brothers and sisters started leaving the house for college. After all of his wife’s brothers and sister left, he bought a used house for him, his wife, and children to live; he stayed in the same house ever since. His wife’s brothers and sisters normally came home for the weekend. My mom was the youngest one in the family; she did not come to America with Uncle Cu because my grandparent wanted her to stay back in Vietnam and took care of them. When I left Vietnam to the United State for education back in 2009, I had a chance to come to Uncle Cu’s house and met him a few times. I realized how wonderful of a

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