My Letter : Reflective Letter

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Reflective letter When I first came across this assignment I felt that it was going to be easy for me, I felt that it was going to be a breeze, but it turns out that it wasn’t so easy. Writing for me is always so complicated I always seem to feel down when I express myself in writing, although others may say its “creative”, or its “good”, my self-esteem always brings me down. Even though I am working on my self-esteem, trying to get it to where I’ve always wanted it to be I have difficulties like everyone else. When I know I’m going to have trouble on an essay I tend to do research, radically I use words that I wouldn’t normally say or that kids my age wouldn 't know to make myself seem smarter than what I come off to be. Once I find…show more content…
An Arresting View on Decisions In chapter 2 of the composition of everyday life, there is à important piece of information that says “Memories do not in themselves teach us anything we must create the lesson. We must look back at the past with perspective: one of curiosity and possibility. “Although we have lived through the past we must entirely rediscover it if we are to learn”. For me this text is à very intelligent and poignant view, if you deteriorate this message you would understand that you cannot make poor choices and expect not to suffer from those decisions. As human beings we tend to make poor choices as à gateway to peace of mind and prosperity, although we know this isn 't the best thing to do we do it anyway? We take this easy road because at the time it seems like the right thing to do, it 's never exceptional at all to take this road no matter how good your intentions may be. I believe stress is what sets everyone up for failure; stress is a state of mental or emotional strain or tension resulting from adverse or very demanding circumstances. When triggered stress releases of a hormone called cortisol, this hormone damages and kills in the brain area responsible for memories which can make your brain more defenseless which could cause strokes, and ageing. Scientists say that people make mistakes because of flawed information going into the brain
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