My Life After 1940

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War broke out in Europe 1940, and although our country claimed neutrality I still fear we will be part of it soon. I am 19 year old student in college studying to become an engineer. Times could not be harder for a young man trying to get a degree than during a war. The college is trying to help with the war effort by providing classes for the union and allowing headquarters to take over the campus. Also the government passed the Selective Training and Service Act of 1940 (NWW2M). All of these dramatically affect my efforts to get a degree and start my life.
During 1941, the college atmosphere changed drastically to support the war efforts. Since my college is helping out the war effort, many normal classes have been canceled. New military related classes like first aid, bandage rolling, and how to be an air-raid warden have been added in there place (UTHC). This is a problem, for it prevents me from taking some of the classes I need to progress in my degree. There is a huge influence to join the army and sign up for the military classes, luckily I am not eligible for the draft and can not be forced to join. If I join the military I would have to put all my
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Most of my friends started to join the army or navy, they kept telling me that it is our responsibility to fight for our country. Also I have to look after my girlfriend, she was given a hard time due to the demands for silk and woman’s hose (UTHC). The army needed silk to make gunpowder bags for ammunition. After the bombing in Pearl Harbor the US had entered the war which also opened the draft to take men from ages 18 to 37 (HIST). Since I am in college and well educated, I am easily eligible to be drafted. I have a responsibility to get a degree so I can get a good job, pay off all my debt and support my
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