My Life After A Medical Surgical Examination

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In 2003 during the last semester of nursing school, my life was devastated as my ex-husband was arrested as a serial rapist. This was overbearing and I thought this as being impossible to recover from. A breaking point came as I approached a red light deciding whether to deliberately run my minivan into oncoming traffic with my two young children to end our lives. Only days later, I once again felt that I was at the lowest point in my life as the reality of this event truly hit during a medical-surgical examination. I tried desperately to remain in control during a test, my lower back began twisting in piercing pain and my head began to spin, subsequently, I completely blanked out. Dr. Carol Tingle, Director of Nursing and Dr. Linda Markey instructor at the Baton Rouge General School of Nursing called me into the office to address what had occurred. That was the beginning of my emotional healing as I was strongly encouraged to begin counseling and medication management. Seeking psychological help for my mental breakdown allowed me to overcome the biggest challenge I had to prevail over in my life by obtaining by diploma as a Registered Nurse. This significance assumed a depth of meaning to me as over the course of the subsequent dozen years that I have served as a Registered Nurse having the opportunity to work on medical-surgical and behavioral health units. My interest in becoming a psychiatric nurse practitioner was embedded in those days that I observed two tormented
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