My Life After A Year Post Surgery

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Less than two years ago is when my physical life all began to change, but at the time I had absolutely no idea what my body would endure or what kind of emotional rollercoaster I was about to jump on. Throughout the next year and a half I faced pain like I had never felt before and I had have to sacrifice so much to get to a place that I never thought possible. Looking back on it now the process couldn’t have gone any better. Before starting this journey I was a physically healthy teenage girl, and within a few months I was told that I would need major back surgery which scared me to death and put my active lifestyle on hold. With the help of some amazing doctors and family support, almost a year post surgery, I am about to start training for the Ironman Lake Placid 2017 and now know for sure that I want to work in the medical field. Growing up, my parents owned 120 acres of land and as a child I was always outside and on the go. Taking walks, catching frogs, riding four-wheelers, biking, playing soccer, and other outside activities were all I knew. In middle school, I became a three sport athlete, playing volleyball, track, and soccer year round. My life revolved around school and sports. In 8th grade I ran my first half marathon with my aunt including my second half and a ten mile trail run shortly after that. The next year I participated in a yoga class, multiple 5ks and joined RWB, a running team that met every Saturday and occasionally throughout the week. In the
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