My Life After High School

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In February during the finales months of my senior year in high school, I began to start thinking about my life after high school. I had no idea of what I wanted to be in life. I knew I had liked arguing with people and standing up for what I believe. Then one day, I was watching one of my favorite movies “Legally Blonde”. A brief summary of the movie is that it is about a “dumb blonde’ girl who gets the opportunity of a lifetime to become a lawyer by attending Harvard Law School. In the beginning, she was lost but somehow turns everything around and proves to the world that blondes are smart, and that you can do anything if you have faith in yourself. After watching this movie, a light bulb had lit up in my head, and I knew what I wanted to do with my life. I wanted to be a lawyer. I was unaware on the steps it took to be a Lawyer, so I asked my teacher about what I should major in to become one. She told me to major in political science. I had never heard this word before so I researches it to find more about it. When researching something its best to find the definition to give you an overall idea, so you can form your own viewpoint of it. When I looked up Political Science I found the word “Politics” being a big influence about it, and that’s when I became interested in politics. Webster’s Dictionary had defined politics as “activities that relate to influencing the actions and policies of a government or getting and keeping power in a government,” but my view of

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