My Life After High School

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There comes a time in every adolescent 's life in which reality begins to strike them. From an adults perspective this early stage is viewed simply as immaturity. Starting high school was a big change in my life and was a step in the direction of young adulthood.As individuals around me attempted to navigate down that similar path I gained a crisp taste of my identity. All of a sudden what was once a long distance future evolved into the near future as high school years passed and a test of my character was close at hand. I had to start thinking about college, my future, and who I really wanted to be. When a reality check was brought upon me I began realizing that I am the only one that can determine my future, and that numerous factors in my control will be responsible for how my goals and ambitions are pursued. In addition to that, the choices that I choose to make in the next few years will determine how my life plays out. Slowly but surely I began realizing I also began realizing that the people around me won 't always have the same intelligence, ambitions, and goals that I do but, choosing to use that as a driving force towards success is the only option I seem to have left. A great majority of parents mention to their kids that those individuals they choose to surround themselves with will be a reflection of how they themselves will evolve to be. As I ventured into my first year of high school I quickly realized how truthful that statement was. Walking down the

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