My Life After High School

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It was my junior year in high school, when my life began to change. While I sat in my English class, with my head laid on top of the hard wooden cold desk, I thought to myself, what am I going to do. How was I supposed to provide for this child, but my mind kept think back to how was I going to let my mother know, that her youngest high school daughter was about to become a teen parent. I was scared. I was scared for my future. As the days became months, my belly continued to grow more and more. Rumors began to start escalate, is she really pregnant, wow I did not even know she had a boyfriend. I was the unpopular girl who no one knew. The girl who would sit in the back of the class all alone. I was the girl who wanted to be popular, or even the girl who everyone wanted to be friends with, but I was not. I was the knocked up high school student as people would say. I had many people reject me and few accept me for who I was. Due to me becoming a teen parent I received various levels of support from my family, teachers, and the little friends I did have. I was so frighten to tell my family, especially my mother who was all the way in Florida. I grew up with a strict mother, who wanted me to go nowhere and to stay home at all times. I started to panic, walking back and forth across my room, then all of a sudden my sister barges in my room. Screaming on the top of her tongue asking me why haven’t I told my mother. She then calls my mother on the phone, getting straight to the

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