My Life After High School

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After high school I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do for a career. After years of wandering I decided to join the military. I completed basic training and technical school in Texas. I was miles away from the comfort of family and friend back home in Maryland. This was the first time that I was truly on my own. After training was complete I was moved to Spokane, Washington. where I completed my term in Spokane and it was time to reenlist or get out the military. I was ready to have my life back so I decided against enlisting for another term. When it was time for me to discharge the first question everyone asked me was “where I going?”. In my mind I had two choices. I was either going stay in tiny Spokane or go back home to Maryland. I spent a few weeks thinking about my options and at that time I was certain home was the best choice. Moving back home made sense for several reasons: 1. I knew the area and I thought it would be easier to get around and find a place to settle. 2. I would be closer to family and friends. 3. It is not as cold as it is in Spokane. 4. There other cities nearby 5. Even though I wasn’t excited about it I thought completing my degree in human resources was my best career option. I looked into school and found one in Maryland. 6. I also wanted a job within the government system. After doing some research I found that there were more jobs for the department want to work for on the east coast. 7. Most importantly I didn’t think I wanted to deal with

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