My Life After High School

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My life after high school would consist of a lot of things. To be honest with you I’m still not sure what i would do after I get out but I have a rough idea. This rough idea may seem pointless to some people because they wouldn't do this but in my opinion I think this isn't a bad idea. As long as i'm happy and as long as I make a good amount of money to live life then I think it's worth it. What I plan on doing is going to a community college for example El Camino or going to a Cal State for example Cal State University of Dominguez Hills to do my general classes and maybe go into the business classes that one of the schools provides. While I go to school I would like to do baking and still work at In-N-Out because of a lot of different reasons. One reason i would like to stay at In-N-Out is because the pay is good for young students going to school. Another reason is that I get a decent amount of hours to accommodate my school schedule. The last reason is that we get to get free food and if i don't have money or time to get food I can just eat my free meal for the night. I would like to continue baking because that's what I love and because I make extra cash. In my life I’ve always asked myself what do I want to do and others always ask me the same question. I never really know what to say because at times I don't want to disappoint my parents and have them think I’m a failure but I always just tell myself and others that all I know is that I want to continue baking like my grandpa did when he was about my age. A couple days ago my cousin asked me this question and I told her that I wish I would know for sure that this is what I want to do because I don't want to waste my time and try to figure it out then maybe end up changing my mind because I would like to stick to something great. She told me that she wishes someone would've told her these things when she was my age because no one in her life told her that it's better if she has her mind made up right after high school. About 10 years later and she still doesn’t really know what she wants to do but that's ok because in the long run at least she realized about the things she doesn't like. Everyone is different and in my opinion it's ok if you don't know

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