My Life After High School

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“What do you want to do with your life after high school” is a frequent question that I am asked from family, faculty, and friends. Deciding what I want to do after high school was surprisingly quite easy for me, considering the fact that I have known what I wanted to do since freshman year. To find out more information about becoming an anesthesiologist, I conducted a research project on everything I will need to complete to get on the right track to seizing a job in this exciting medical field. The first phase of research included learning more about what being an anesthesiologist is, and the different things that came along with the job. I learned more about what their tasks are, what the salary of an anesthesiologist is, and miscellaneous things such as work hours and job placement. The next phase involved conducting an interview or job shadow with someone who has a career in the field. I conducted an interview with Dr.Barrett at Clarion Hospital. This interview provided me with insight on what I need to do to successfully obtain a career as an anesthesiologist. The last research phase was education. I researched three different undergraduate universities and one medical school which were the University of Pittsburgh, Duquesne University, Grove City College, and the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine. After all of this research I have concluded that this career is the right career for me. Although the career choice of an anesthesiologist will involve a long

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