My Life After Middle School Essay

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The preceding is just a tiny percentage of the commentary that has been reiterated to me most of my life. While some of these comments and questions are positive, some are extremely rude and negative, and others are difficult to explain. I say difficult because to the naked eye they are harmless, but to me they are phrases that have and will forever change my life. I have been skinny my entire life; I was a chubby baby, but the moment I reached the age of two, you could tell that I was not your normal-sized toddler. This was not because I did not have any food at home or I did not eat even if there was food, I was just this certain size. My parents would force feed me or try to make me eat more than usual but I was not gaining any weight. There were pills and doctors involved, but still nothing. I knew I was not regular-sized. However, it was not until middle school that it really hit me that I needed to change and quickly.
Kids would make fun of me, call me a stick, and say that I would break easily. My friends would repeatedly tell me that I needed to gain weight. I tried. My eleven-year-old self would constantly eat pizza every day and try my hardest to gain weight; nothing worked. It was really difficult. I would cry in the bathroom at school, I had extremely low self-esteem, and I kept trying my hardest to just gain some weight. Then high school came. As I was sitting at the lunch table with two girls that I had recently met, eating lunch, one of the girls

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