My Life After My Childhood

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When I evaluate my life and look back on where things have gone good and bad it is easier for me to identify where my main issues and problems were that drove my addiction. In my childhood I was neglected the love that a child should receive. The nurturance of role model was not present throughout my upbringing (values and principle wise). I am also able to spot that there are a multitude of different character traits I lacked because of mental and physical abuse that occurred throughout my childhood. This lack of structure in my life is now the blueprint I have to go off. I was born in a small town Massachusetts right outside a military base. My dad was stationed close by. This is not where I would call home for long, I would say about 6 months later we move to Myrtle Beach, South Carolina this is stop is home to my Dads side of the family and another Air Force base. During these years I am still a toddler and there is not very much that can be remembered. I am going to reiterate that once. From there we stay 2 years and move to Biloxi, Mississippi which we stay for 3 years. This is where I start to recall memories. The stage is set in Biloxi, Mississippi. This is where I saw the amount of compassion my Dad has for everything around him and how he handles his anger. My mom began her gambling addiction here. I experienced my first death. My sister absorbed most of my dad’s anger. The time he was home he was upset about my Mother and her addiction that she was battling.
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