My Life After My Family

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I was four years old when my life started to go through tough situations in my life. My parents started to have problems all the time because my father was cheating on my mother. My mother and my father had many businesses together and one of them was a school from Pre-K until 12th grade in the Dominican Republic. I remembered that my father even had women at their own business and my mother could not stand that. As the years went by, I was six years old when my parents got divorce and my father left the house. When I saw my father leaving the house it was one of the toughest emotions that I have faced during my lifetime so far. My father used to come to my house and see him at my house was the happiest moment of my life, but just see him leave my house was one of the most depressing emotions going through my life. I used to not eat, watch TV, not going out to play with my friends and just stay sleeping at my house. My mother got really scared that she even had me with a psychologist to get me on track and see if I was going through depression or negative things. My father got into marriage with another woman and had three kids with her. I could not stand seeing my father with a woman that was not my mother. I felt jealous, mad and sad at the same time. I am very jealous with my father because I love my father very much. I used to go to his house and stay there for the whole summer but when the time of going back to my house the came it was really bad for me. During this

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