My Life After My Freshman Year Of Highschool

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The summer before my freshman year of highschool I decided to have a party with all my friends. My dad had purchased a blow screen and a projector so I could watch movies in the back with my friends. My parent told me I had limit of 16 of kids I could have over and I thought that was ridiculous and like any other rebellious teenager I invited all my friends over and told them to invite whomever they wanted. Instead of 16 people over I ended up having around 60 kids from my grade show up, including a some kids from valley that I had never even met before. Though many more people came over than my parents expected, they were not mad at me. That was something I always really appreciated about my parents, how understanding they were to my free spirit. As long as I kept everything under control I would not be in trouble with my them. My mom was so impressed by the turn out she took a picture of all of us. I remember being so happy to be the one responsible for having everyone get together that night to just watch movies and hangout in my backyard for a good night.
Obviously like any other freshman high schooler I was excited to start playing high school sports and being apart of the whole high school experience. But like many other freshman I had a false impression of high school. I thought it was going to be exciting and that I would meet a lot of the older kids and go to cool highschool parties. I also didn 't understand why people always said highschool changes people. I

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