You Are Doing The Right Thing Essay

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When helping others you always believe that you are doing the right thing. In this case, the right thing ended up with my parents’ jewelry gone and loss of what I thought was a friend. The start of my eleventh grade high school year in Seattle was not only the worst year of my life, but the most eye opening experiences of my life. How could someone play the role so well, and smile with a big, innocent grin to your family, but be so evil and empty inside? How could someone betray your trust when you were so close, like a sister to me? How could someone steal from right under your nose and you not notice anything? These are all questions that I asked myself about my friend LaToya, that had been the sweet, innocent friend that I had always wanted. The school year of 2007, was not only a learning experience on getting to know that you can’t help everyone, but also an eye opener to remember the company you keep is not always good for you.

The beginning of eleventh grade, was the beginning of school back in Seattle, but also the most depressing part of my life. My family and I moved back to Seattle from Texas, after being in Texas for 4 years, which was 6th grade to 10th grade. If you know anything about high school, you know that moving between your high school years can be a very big change, and a challenging to get to know people. I was so depressed the whole summer after the move, because of the huge gap between school years in Texas and Washington. I got out of school in May
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