My Life After My Pregnancy

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“We will get through this together and I’m not mad at you” my mom said to me while I was on the other end of the phone crying. It was December 2013 and I was in my room crying my eyes out because I was barley nineteen years old when I found out I was pregnant with my daughter Zoey. Being pregnant at a young age is very scary and hard just a year out of High School, I was forced to grow up and make a big decision with my life. This was a life altering moment for me but I knew right away I was going to have my daughter; the way I look at it she saved my life from going down the wrong path. During the first four months of my pregnancy I was dealing with depression. I felt like I was alone and a disappointment to my family so I kept her a secret from my siblings and dad. When I first found out I was pregnant I was 11 weeks in already and at the time her father and I were split up and I wasn’t sure if he even wanted to be there for she and I because it seemed to me he was enjoying being single. I eventually told him the news a week later when we were having a heated argument, it just slipped out. I thought it would change things with us but he still continued what he was doing but told me he will be there for her when she comes. Everyday for the first four months was hard for me because all I could think of is how I am going to provide for her because I didn’t have a job but I was taking twelve credit hours here at San Juan College, I had no source of income and I was living
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