My Life After The United States

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This story is about my mom when she immigrated to Canada and so, this essay is from her point of view. The one choice that changed my life forever was that our family emigrated from Hong Kong to Canada in 1974. I was only seven years old when my family came to Canada for a job offer but mainly it was for a better life. I had to leave behind many loving family members in Hong Kong. We also left behind our old lives, our home, and our friends. Our journey began when we hopped on a JAL (Japan airlines) jumbo jet on a sixteen-hour flight to Vancouver, British Columbia with a brief stop-over in Tokyo, Japan. Everything looked foreign to us on our arrival. What we hoped in the future was to be able to learn English, to adapt to our…show more content…
The British were to hand back Hong Kong to China on July 1, 1997. My mom’s biggest fear was what would happen to Hong Kong after it returned back to China. It was impossible for my mom to predict and guess. Therefore, my parents made the important decision to immigrate to Canada and they believed that we would have a better future in Canada. Page 2 Like many other immigrants, my dad went through a lengthy process to apply as a new immigrant to Canada. Foreign skilled workers are welcomed in Canada because they would contribute to Canada’s growing economy. In November, 1973, my dad submitted his application in Chinese and application fee to the Consulate General of Canada (Government of Canada) in Hong Kong. In addition, his ex-employer, Mr. Chow, was a guarantor on the form. He guaranteed that my dad could support himself and his family when he arrived in Canada. Shortly after, our family was asked to get medical examinations. My parents had their background checked for criminal record. Successful applicants would become landed immigrants (now known as permanent resident) which would allow them to receive benefits, and be eligible to become Canadian citizens, and permission to live and work in Canada. Finally, after a call from the Consulate General of

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