My Life Altering Events Since I Attended High School

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It 's been fourteen years since I attended high school. Since then I have had a few life altering events, which have helped pave the way for my new journey in life. Key events that led me down this path started with a life threatening illness of my then longtime boyfriend, now husband, followed by the caring for my Grandmother whose health was declining.
Just like most children I grew up playing dress up, many times playing a nurse. So as a child I wanted to be a nurse or so I thought. Then I grew up and thought about what I really wanted to be. Sure a nurse was on my list, but I wasn 't sure it was my dream career nor did I even think I could handle it. Then things took a drastic change.
It all started back in 2008 when my now husband ended up in the emergency room with a diverticulitis attack which almost required emergency surgery. Thankfully, he avoided the emergency surgery, and was able to clear up the infection prior to having the surgery electively about a month later. The surgery entailed the removal of 20 inches of his sigmoid colon. Over the course of his recovery which lasted ten days in the hospital and another month at home. I found myself fascinated watching the nurses and the way they cared for the patients, and thought to myself hum… I 'm a caring person that likes to help others… could I become a nurse? Do I have what it takes? Then the true test came when Matt got a major infection in his surgical site, I will spare the details but it required
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