My Life And School Influence My Career Path

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My experiences in life and in school influence my career path, academic goals, and how I become who I am as a person. Personally, I would not trade the uncertainties, grievances, and challenges that has stricken my life for anything. From the death of my father and to my victories academically, my journey is quite unique and I love it because it provides me with a story to share. One of my favorite quotes comes from an old African proverb, “Until the lion has a historian, the hunter will always be the hero.” The proverb explains the purpose of hardship as a way to share how to overcome and not let your demons control your fate.
My story truly began the day that my father passed. I will never forget how blue and clear the sky was. It was like heaven was beaming with joy because they added a new angel while I was mourning the loss of my best friend. My father worked in Nigeria part-time where he and my mother originated so his family there told his friends to tell us the message in person. The day that our family in Oklahoma came over to my home to me and mom that he was gone is forever stained in my memory. All I could think of was my brother because he was not there so I knew I had to tell him when he returned home. I looked at my brother when he came in the house took him to his room, and let him know the news. He cried and cried and I wiped his tears while holding mine back and told him, “We overcome this setback by showing the world what the Iyaye’s can do.” I stepped

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