My Life And The Internet

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Learning Portfolio. SECTION A. Everyday life and the Internet is entwined, the Internet has transformed modern behavior, and virtually every aspect of living, is both widely known and a source of ongoing study. In plain terms, such unlimited access to information and communication has radically altered concepts of self and community. It gives us up to date information to start our day from finance, work schedules, family. Marshall McLuhan quoted: “When something becomes commonplace people don’t identify it as everyday life, it becomes almost invisible”. This unconscious control associated to other elements of everyday routines, such as showering, cleaning, from a long inner structure we recognize, these activities are built into our psyches from a very young age, fabrics of living from generations of ones family or society in which we live, a formula for everyday routines. These activities vary from culture to culture; both reflect each community or environment in which they live. Faith and Spirituality was main focus for my subject choice, raised in a large extended strict catholic family, although my immediate family today do not participate in partaking rituals, but religion hold a strong fabric. Within all of this lies the critical component of how spirituality, traditionally so fundamental an element in everyday life, is affected as well. Community and identity connects directly with religion, belief and faith are the foundations to religious communities and help
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