My Life And Times Of Madam

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In the life of an entrepreneur one should expect, risk, decisions, success, and even failure, but that didn’t stop the likes of Madam C.J. Walker, a woman who reared even the greatest of entrepreneurial risk while fighting for something bigger than herself. In the biography entitled, On Her Own Ground: The Life and Times of Madam C.J. Walker, by A’Leila Bundles, and published by Scribner, Walker’s own great-great granddaughter tells the tale of a lifetime of a woman who started her business own her own ground in her own way. The main idea of this book is to profess Madam C.J. Walker’s own personal story in a very sentimental perspective. No detail is left unwritten about her prolific journey from a slave to a self-made millionaire. I am…show more content…
At the time of January 1, 1848, inventory, Minerva was not yet Owen’s wife and neither of them had any children” (p.28). Walker’s parents were 38 years of age at the time of her birth. She was born a free child on her family’s small shack and rented plot of ground on a plantation in a village called Delta located in Madison Parish, Louisiana. Walker was born just four years after the Emancipation Proclamation was declared to free all persons held as slaves free. She was also born during a time of political upheaval where newly black delegates for the Louisiana Constitutional Convention would introduce civil rights legislation to outlaw segregation on public property. “On December 31, eight days after Sarah’s birth, Pickney B.S. Pinchback, another black delegate who would later serve as acting lieutenant governor of the state, introduced civil rights legislation outlawing segregation on trains, on ferries and in public places” (p.31). Following that, the Knights of the White Camellia would strike back to the equality with other races with violence and intimidation. Fortunately, Madison Parish, Louisiana was not as exposed to the severe violence of this organization due to the small town and federal troops located nearby in Vicksburg (p.31). In addition, the times were dangerous but little walker would soon grow to know of the dangers that surrounded the post-slavery time period. The turmoil and violence of the 1860s
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