My Life And Vocational Experience

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The purpose of this paper is to demonstrate my life and vocational experiences to achieve credit toward my Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration at Aurora University. As an adult student I have a variety of experiences stemming from my 17 years of experience at Caterpillar as a design engineer and project lead for new product introduction. I have held a variety of jobs and volunteer positions during my lifetime, which showcase my diverse skills and experience that round out my personality. It is my desire to achieve the six semester hours required to complete my degree using my life experiences and vocational skills and knowledge. I began my career at Caterpillar in 1998 as a contract design engineer. I was hired as a fulltime…show more content…
It is my belief that I have enough life and vocational skills which include leadership and management experience to successfully perform the five management functions required to be a high performance business manager. Project Management During my career at Caterpillar I have had numerous opportunities to lead multimillion dollar projects. One of which involved the development of a system to improve the safety of operators as the accessed and egressed machinery. The project entailed the collaboration of multiple design teams as well as a team of Australian mining companies and Australian Ministry of Mines, as well as machine compliance control organizations. As the team lead it was my responsibility to write a business case that aligned with our company’s goal to develop the best products and services and also demonstrate our social responsibility. Planning. It was my role as the project lead to ensure that we met the goals of both our customer and our company. Goals for zero harm to operators is prominent in many regions of the world. Increasingly customers are demanding this same approach from suppliers, and are willing to reward those suppliers who comply with a greater share of the business as well as greater price realization. Conversely, failing to comply means elimination from sales consideration. As the team lead I needed to ensure that we could meet
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