My Life As A Christian Essay

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In my personal life as a Christian it has not been easy at all in my forty-three years on the planet earth, I had struggle with issues dealing with a mental illness of bipolar disorder, which had and some days even today, though struggle can be seen and does has some affected both my mental state of mind but also parts of my life as well. But with dealing with the symptoms, throughout my life I had face the demon in the room so to say many times, and faced him down with the help of Christ. There were someday were I just wanted to give up like my younger brother Luke did in 2013 when he left behind four young sons when he committed suicide, and there has been days were I felt I should just end it all so the pain inside would stop. But I could never do that, and I could never get into the drugs or alcohol like he did growing up. Even though I had gotten into other things that had gotten into relationships or dabbled into things that I should of never gotten into, and even I tried to walk away from my faith in Christ because I had felt looked down upon or judged for no reason, or saw the hypocrisy in those local fellowships that I was attending. And I also felt abandon when I needed my fellow Christian brothers and sisters there to be next to me to help get through the dark times in my life. In my past, before two years ago, I had difficult times taking care of myself even though I read many books on spiritual disciplines both within the Christian tradition as well as
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