My Life As A Foreign Country By Brain Turner

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Brian Turner’s work traces back in time into Iraq, were he is enlisted into the military, he even underlies the struggles back at home and in Iraq. Brain Turner uses a unique sense of writing that shows others what wartime was like. In his technique of writing he uses multiple stories to describe how we should put ourselves in someone’s shoes during life in the military. During this entire story Brian Turner has trouble with the reality of life which makes his own life difficult and very lonely. In the passage reading “My Life as a Foreign Country,” by Brain Turner the author builds distance by removing himself from the reality of his own story. He uses different angle of views to approach his stories. The nature of his speaking sets the tone of voice for this part of the story. In the beginning of this story he describes how body parts are represented with a flag just as a body would be. The flags represent the body parts because the sergeant doesn’t want the family’s back at home to get the wrong part of their son/daughter. Sergeant Gordon explains here: “Still, you have to put his body in one bag and give it a number and then you have to put his arm in another bag with a different number.” He looks at our faces. “Don’t assume anything. They’ll figure it out back at home. They’ll test for DNA and all that jazz.”… “Let me tell you something- you don’t want to be the one who makes some poor family bury their soldier with someone else’s body part. Roger that?” It shows a
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