My Life As A Master At The Sword

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My whole life, I’ve lived at my father’s manor and trained to become the best swordsman I could. Each day was the same as the last. I would awaken at dawn, train for three hours, eat, study for four hours, eat, train for another hour and study till supper. Since I turned 12, I stopped my second study time and would instead teach the volunteers that joined my father’s armed forces. At first they doubted me because of my young age, but as I clearly demonstrated on their best student, anyone can be a master at the sword. It just takes years of practice.
By my 14th birthday, I could defeat almost anyone who dared fight me, even my father’s greatest guards. It was that same year though, that my brother died while at war and my father
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It was about two months ago though that my mother decided I needed company since I was of age. As a result, she planned for an arranged marriage to the daughter of one of my father’s fellow Lords. I have only meet her once and still can’t remember what she looks like let alone if I’ll even like her. Since that decision, I’ve hated what my future holds. That is why tomorrow will be the worst day of my life. The morning sun began to rise as the first bells of the day rang across my father’s manor. The servants could be heard rushing throughout the halls preparing for the guest that would arrive later today. As I realized what today was, I fell back into bed wishing I could fall asleep and never wake up. After almost an hour past sunrise, a soft voice could be heard as the door to my living quarters opened. “Master Blake,” called out Helena, “It’s time to awaken. You do not wish for your mother to awaken you, do you? I would gladly fetch her if so.” Remembering what occurred last time mother awakened me, being splashed by a bucket full of ice cold water was a way I didn’t want to start the day off. I quickly sprang out of bed before Helena could get her. Suddenly Helena closed the door as a scream escaped her lips. Perplexed, I quickly remembered that last night was rather hot and I decided to sleep more… naturally. I quickly laughed it off, slightly more embarrassed now, and walked over to dress myself for the day. As I opened the top drawer to
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