My Life As A Single Mom Essay

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After two messy divorces and several miserable relationships, I celebrated getting my head on straight. I loved my life. I loved being a single mom. I had my children and didn 't want any more kids. Most of all, I didn 't want a relationship with a man ever again. I soaked up yoga, meditation, and had a spiritual awakening. I 'd finally found that happiness comes from within me. I 'd professed my new-found joy with my neighbor who said, "Look out. When you 're not searching for love, that 's when it finds you." About a year later, my neighbor snickered with glee when I told her that 's exactly what had happened and blamed her for jinxing me. At last, I 'd found myself deep in love with a songwriter whose music had started me on my spiritual path. While David and I lived on opposite sides of the country, we 'd started corresponding with each other and before we knew it--boom! We 'd fallen in love. Even though we 'd confessed our love, we both believed in our own dreams. In his thirties, this happy-go-lucky bachelor had never married and was pursuing his life-long dream of being a songwriter and I had no intention of interrupting his life. I believed more than ever he 'd make it "big" one day, but he wouldn 't get there with me in tow. Of course, I didn 't have mapped out plans, but I 'd found happiness and honestly didn 't want another relationship. I had a nagging feeling that since I 'd failed in two marriages, marriage wasn 't

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