My Life As A Social Worker

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While walking to work I was pondering to my self why I wanted to be a social worker. As a young man I have always wanted more out of life. I grew up in a small farm town North side of the border of Mexico. I am the oldest of three children (two sisters). My parents were both working with the school district, my father a teacher/coach, my mother a social worker. My parents were well educated and believed in obtaining an education. They taught me school is a great way to enhance my life. I did well in my early years of my education, but life is the greatest teacher above all else.
My parents divorced during the first year of high school then my mother became ill with cancer. My life shifted from son to caregiver, at the early age of fourteen I had to get an emergency driver license to drive my mother to chemo and everywhere she needed to go. While she was taking her treatments in a town an hour away I did my homework in the waiting room. I tried to maintain a high GPA to get in to a good school. It was a tough ordeal and heart wrenching challenge that shook me to my core. I was there for her and helped clean our house and I drove my sisters to school when my mother couldn’t. At school I dove into books and I spent most of my time in the library. Unfortunately she couldn’t make it, my mother fought hard for a year and a half but it was her time. This would strengthen my resolve to become someone she could be proud of. After the funeral my aunt moved in with us after a
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