My Life As A Sport

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My life has always consisted of sports, whether it was baseball, basketball, snowmobiling or golf. Growing up I was always injured from sports, I don’t believe I have ever finished a sport without being hurt. From these injuries I have learned how to rehab almost any part of my body, arm, wrist, ankle, hamstring, quadriceps, knee, fingers and shoulders. I grew fond of my school’s personal trainer and physical therapist; I knew I wanted to help people rehab. It got to the point in high school that I looked forward to my rehab sessions because I liked the atmosphere of the therapy clinic and wanted to see what injuries the other patients had. It is easy to say that injuries and rehab were part of my day to day life from a young age. I knew I…show more content…
I saw how caring and motivated the therapist was and how much she helped my grandfather. Learning how to dress, feed and take care of himself, it brought light to my grandpa’s eyes. I knew right there that Occupational was for me, I love the medical rehab setting and have always been driven to help people. The way my grandpa still talks about the therapists by name to other family members and friends years later, really goes to show that a therapist can impact a patient on a very high level. This setting would provide me with the ability to care for and rehab patients without the pure sports setting that I have been looking for.
The best experience I have had with the shadowing of an occupational therapist came this last summer in home health. I traveled into a woman’s house that had polio on her left side and a hip replacement on her right side. She had polio her whole life and this disease caused her to go legally blind. The difference the occupational therapist made was immense, helping her set up her house so that she could imprint an outline of her home in her head, allowing her to move around with a mental image since she could not hardly see. The therapist also helped with making the bathroom safer with risers and more pull bars. I got to do some engineering and home improvement to her toilet riser with straps and bungee cords that helped her become safer in the bathroom.
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