My Life As A Sport

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My life has always consisted of sports, whether it was baseball, basketball, snowmobiling or golf. Growing up I was always injured from sports, I don’t believe I have ever finished a sport without being hurt. From these injuries I have learned how to rehab almost any part of my body, arm, wrist, ankle, hamstring, quadriceps, knee, fingers and shoulders. I grew fond of my school’s personal trainer and physical therapist; I knew I wanted to help people rehab. It got to the point in high school that I looked forward to my rehab sessions because I liked the atmosphere of the therapy clinic and wanted to see what injuries the other patients had. It is easy to say that injuries and rehab were part of my day to day life from a young age. I knew I wanted to help people rehab as a job when I grew up, but I was tired of the sports settings. I wanted to expand my horizons and help people in a setting that was bigger than sports, some real life functional rehab.
There are a lot of professions that help people in a rehab setting. Why did I choose to pursue a career in Occupational Therapy? The moment I knew I wanted to be an Occupational Therapist is when my grandfather got sick with Guillain Barre Syndrome in 2010 and had to rehab in a hospital for almost a year. He was a sawmill worker for over fifty years and suddenly became paralyzed. He had to relearn how to walk, eat, talk and do just about everything else over in life; he was very discouraged. While watching his rehab I observed…

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