My Life As A Veterinarian

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Ever since I was little, people have asked me what I want to be when I grow up. My answer has always been a veterinarian. I have always adored animals and wanted to help them in any way I could. I plan on attending Auburn University for their vet school. Achieving this dream is going to require a lot of money and effort, but it will all pay off in the end. A veterinarian is not an easy job but I have chosen it because I love animals, I will be attending Auburn University, which has one of the best vet schools, and although it comes with some negative sides, it also has many positive sides to it. I have always been extremely fascinated with animals, to the point where I have been told many times that I seem to like them better than people. I currently have four pets living with me and my family. I have three dogs, Lacie, Gracie, and Lorelei, and I have a new kitten named Mew that I rescued when someone found her under their porch and didn’t want her. I would do anything for my pets and I want to be able to help them and any other suffering animal anyway that I can. I currently work at Bluff Park Animal Clinic and volunteer at the Greater Birmingham Humane Society. Working in these places has made me…show more content…
For example, they talk about how hard it is to euthanize an animal and how long and expensive vet school will be. While these are both true, the job comes with many positive aspects that I believe outweigh the negatives. Working at a vet, I have had to witness quite a few euthanizations. They have been incredibly sad, but they have almost all been elderly dogs or cats who were suffering and were not going to make it much longer anyway. The animal clinic has never put down an animal without a good reason to back it up. As for the time and money, it will be a problem at first, but the long-term benefits of a good job that makes decent money makes of for the short term
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