My Life As A Writer. From Childhood I Did Not Love Writing

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My Life as a Writer From childhood I did not love writing and did not put much effort into developing my writing skills. Although I used to hate writing, I did love reading from the moment I remember myself. I think the reason why I didn’t like writing is because I used to like just absorbing information rather than expressing my opinion about it on the paper. I believe that my mom was the one, who flourished in me love to books and reading. My mom is a doctor and she loves to read. She does not only read books connected with her profession, but also books that are not necessarily connected with medicine. When I was a child she used to read to me the story books. Most of my memories from…show more content…
Later on I got familiar with the Russian literature. The Dostoevsky’s books were the new insight for me in literature. I loved how Dostoevsky realistically depicted life in his books. By the time I got familiar not only with Russian, Tajik and Persian literatures but also with English “Great Gatsby”, “451 degrees of Fahrenheit” and German “Tree comrades” . I did a lot of writing connected with the literature since I had to write essays about my thoughts and criticize a certain book or writing. I did not enjoy writing before but I enjoyed my literature essays writing since I could share my thoughts and views about things that I read. I liked to write about how I felt when entering a unique world that writer created for readers. I also used to write a lot of dictations in Tajik, Russian and English languages, but the hugest writings we did in literature class. Our literature teacher assigned us to read a book of the writer whose biography we learned in class and asked some question about impact of the book in society and importance of it in literature. He asked to analyze the characters and describe their personality. This way he helped us to prepare for writing exam. We did our writing exam in a class without certainly knowing the topic. The issue for us was that the time was limited and we had to write at least five pages and make sure our writing made sense. The structure

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