My Life As An Immigrant

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I was born in a small ranch in Mexico, and raised in Oregon .My first year and a half I grew up with only my mother and grandmother, my father in the US trying to raise enough money to send to my mom and me . I came to the United States with my mom at the time in only understood Spanish. The Spanish language stayed with me up until I was 3 , I was the only child but my older cousins taught me a new foreign language. From the moment I learned to speak English to almost 14 years later, being a year away fro graduation its been a big struggle. Fighting against the "I cant's" and "failure" it's been a bumpy ride. Something that has really shaped my life is, as I grew up I didn't quite understand the meaning of immigrant, my 7 year old mind didn't…show more content…
Without them I don't know how I would accomplished what I've done so far. I've been defined as shy and quite. I tend to keep myself in a bubble of my own, which has also brought me many missed opportunities. Ever since i was young i kept things to myself closed out others from my life and I highly regret doing do. I hated participation, I disliked socializing, I disliked speaking up for my self, not all but much of that has changed. I've been slowly learning to take on big opportunities and challenges. I socialize more, I've even decided t take on leadership my senior year for my school. I've slowly opened myself more and explore foreign things, and I've learned to enjoy so. I really don't have the greatest life, i have many ups and downs, but ive learned how to cope with all of it. A major impact in my life was when my mother was diagnosed with Breast Cancer. I didn't want to loose my mother and it really brought my whole family down. Slowly but surely we are all gaining strength from this unwanted situation. This has demonstrated me the capability of myself and my strength to move on forward and enjoy this my life. this is just a chapter of my life and there's many more to
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