My Life As An Immigrant Essay

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My Life as an Immigrant
“Mom, will I ever be treated as a regular person? When will I be like the others without people look at me in a strange way and make fun of me, when mom? When?” Those were the questions I did to my mom almost every day after getting home from school. Fourteen years ago that my parents brought me to this country offering a better life with better opportunities than where I was born. I was seven years old when came to the United States, but I still remember the happiness I felt when I first step in this country. Throughout the years, I have realize that not everything is easy and simple as I imagined. My parents worked in the fields because of the lack of a social security and not knowing how to speak English. Many Americans do not know how hard it is the life of an immigrant, they should have a consideration for us and not just blame us for the deviance of the United States.
“Mija look at the buildings, they are so tall and see those lights they shine very strong at nighttime.” The happiness I had when I came to America was enormous, I never in my life felt as happy as that day. As a girl of seven, my imagination was radical. I could not wait for the morning to arrive to go to school and meet new people. When we arrived at the house where we were going to live, I wander around and for me it was an elegant mansion. Never in my life have I imagined living in such a beautiful house. That day was one of the best childhood days that I ever had. The day
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