My Life At Nick 's House

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I pulled up to my building, this was the first place I rented three years ago. With the life I live, there was always uncertainty of when I would get to go home. It seemed pointless to pay rent or a mortgage for a nicer place that I would never get to enjoy. It was small, a kitchenette that I never used, a small closet that my clothes over flowed out of. A tiny yellow bathroom, a bed and a TV. That 's all I had, I never bought anything new because there was nowhere to put it and I would never get to use it. I spent most of my time at Nick 's house, hotels or the studio then I did my place, I walked in and it looked dull and barren. I changed into some comfortable clothes and plopped on the couch. I turned on the TV that had no cable, and found nothing to watch. So I put in a movie, after the movie ended I decided to order food. When I looked at my phone I had a text message from Nick. "What are you doing?" "I was about to order dinner. What are you doing?" "I just left the studio and was hungry myself, would you like to join me for dinner?" "Hmm I don 't know, I 'm in comfy clothes now. I think I 'm doomed to my couch tonight." "I 'll be over in thirty minuets." "What! Oh no that 's not necessary, I change my mind I 'll meet you at a restaurant." "Too late Charlie, I 'm in my car heading your way...see you soon." I jumped to my feet, I started running around not really doing anything. Just frantically going from one part of the studio to another. I saw the pile of
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