My Life At Parkland College Essay

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As you know, I was one of your favorite students but I didn’t get to actually tell you, my story. I am going to start when my two sisters and I lost our mother to breast cancer. I was seven at the time, my loving and grateful father remarried soon after her death. I struggled with reality for years and I was lost. So at age 21, I was looking for answers and became pregnant. I had little knowledge on starting my life. Honestly, I missed out on my mother’s guidance and her relying on God’s will. It was hard until I finally cleared my mind. I started to listen to my step-mother’s military ways and took action.
I started my education with my dreams in mind. I enrolled at Parkland College and that is where I developed an interest in health. While I was on my journey and completing my bachelor’s degree. I ran into some unforeseen obstacles: doctor visits, paranoia, and a couple of biopsies of the breast. I was commuting to school, working two jobs, and taking care of two kids. In which, I was paranoid and afraid of test results. I thought the worst that I would be lost again. I immediately started to instill in my kids that education is a very powerful tool that can never be taken away. They also knows that my degree is “the key”, it will help me buy our house. With all of that being said, I managed and kept my grades above average.
Now, let’s fast forward to my last semester at EIU. I choice to do my internship at The Prairie Center and within the first month there was a job
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