My Life At Present Time Value

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After watching the short clip of Ken Robinson’s, I found myself pondering on one question: What does the future hold? I had never thought of it in the way that he explains it during his presentation, but now I have endless ideas as to how to help the “future” become successful. Whenever I am asked about what I am going to college for, I always answer that I want to be a preschool teacher. While a lot of the people nod and say that is a great career to go into, others ask if I will be satisfied with the pay. Which leads to this question: Does our generation at present time value and have an understanding of what education actually is capable of? Children who are in preschool, elementary school, middle school, and high school ARE OUR FUTURE. Their creative minds and ideas are what will frame society in seventy years from now. Technology has expanded over time, how can that be explained? EDUCATION. No one just wakes up one morning and says “I think I’m going to invent a computer for the first time today.” They first gain interest in the subject. Then they explore and gather creative ideas. Through trial and error, they eventually might end up with an invention like a computer. Or they may just collect many ideas for a future invention. Creativity is endless and so much can come out of it. Robinson made a GREAT point in his presentation saying that his understanding is that creativity is just as important in education as literacy. I agree with this 100% and think that we as

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