My Life At The Beach House

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You might not know my name or who I am, but that is not important, my story is important. I had a twin brother named Neels. He died in a car crash along with my mother when I was only five years old. After my brothers and mother 's death, my father thought it would be geniality for us to move to a beach house, to get distances from the memories. I still remember the house like it was just yesterday, baby blue with special memories of my father and I. That beach house brought great time but it also brought the worst times of my life. Next door was an extremely large mansion, although there lived a very rich and pretty lady named Mariana. The beach house belonged to the pretty lady, but was sold to my father by a very close friend of…show more content…
Flashback - June 16, 2001 at 10:30p.m. I was about seven years old, I was sitting on the edge of the couch with my feet dangling in the air looking up at my father enjoying him watch TV. We heard a knock at the door. I looked at my father “Who could have come so late to greet us” I asked my father. Mr. Johnson: “They didn 't come to greet us, darling why don’t, you head upstairs now” I: “Daddy, why do I have to head upstairs?” Mr. Johnson: no response…. I knew I had to head upstairs because I never liked getting my father angry and he always had his reasons. However, I didn’t pay close attention; instead I hid beside the stairs. I could hear my father talking to someone, though I couldn’t see who my father was talking to. Then I decided to head upstairs because whoever my father was talking too was not important. It was just business related, but right as I was leaving Mr. Mysteries guy said something that captured my attention. “Mr. Johnson”, I had to see who that man was! The hint of my father being called Mr. Johnson didn 't even pop or imagine in my head at that time. All I got to see was half of his face, he had a scar on his right eyebrow, and before Mr. Mystery’s guy could leave I heard something else, something about fake passports and ID’s, although I didn’t understand why. End of Flashback May 21, 2016 - There’s more to my past than I have told you…. What you need to know now is that woman
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