My Life At The Navy

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My life for the last couple of decades was full of order and routine I had come to expect. I joined the Navy in 1998 and since then I had seen the world and done many things I thought were challenging, triumphing over every single obstacle thrown my way. I had seen the towers fall, stopped those that would support terrorism in their tracks, hunted pirates, and conducted covert operations in Iraq with our nations heroes, the U.S. Navy SEALS. By 2012 I was on my way to be selected as Chief Petty Officer in the Navy, 14 years down, and six to go until I could retire with full benefits. I met my future wife Christina and my life was on track, or so I thought. At the time, my self-concept was of a man who knew how to multitask, lead, and…show more content…
A truck had attempted to pass two other vehicles using the shoulder along side the fast lane. We were in the slow lane three lanes away. To make a long story short, the truck careened across the freeway, hit my left rear bumper, we went into a spin while the truck hit the guard rail on our right side, flipped over, and our cars locked together like a metal on metal dog fight. We finally slid across the road after doing what seemed like three or four spins and slammed into the highway divide. The driver of the pickup died as a result of not wearing a seat belt and we found out later he had a blood alcohol level of 0.20, we now were victims of a drunk driver. This began both my trial and my call to adventure. I found my mentor where I had least expected it, in my wife. I suffered from a TBI (Traumatic Brain Injury) and back injury as a result of the accident. I found words of encouragement and advice from her. She had an accident before we met and had to go through many changes in her own life that I didn’t understand at the time. She was also my significant other. Significant other is a person whose evaluations are especially influential. (Alder, Rosenfeld, Proctor, 2013, p.69) I wasn’t able to speak correctly or at all sometimes as I had damaged the speech center of my brain from the impact against the vehicles support pillar over the driver’s window. I spent the next year and a half learning to talk, walk,
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