My Life Caring For Other Living Things !

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It was a cold, wet, March morning when my father rushed into my room in the early morning hours. One of our Heifers was having trouble calving and needed some assistance to make sure both the Heifer and Calf would survive. Once we were able to chase the Heifer into a pen where we could work with it, the busy work started! For some time there was much shouting and excitement as we rushed to get the calf out unharmed. After a lot of work we were finally able to get a small chain around the calf’s legs. At that point we were able to assist the Heifer by pulling on the chain, and after a minute of pulling the newborn calf was on the ground. After a few minutes of making sure the calf and heifer were going to be fine, I sat back and marveled at what we had just done. It was at that point that I realized I wanted to spend my life caring for other living things! Naturally, as my first experience was with animals, I considered becoming a veterinarian. However, as I grew older my motivations changed, I realized that something was missing when working with animals: interaction with people. While my desire to work in the health care field was inspired by working with and treating sick animals, I quickly realized it was not my calling. My decision to dedicate my life to caring for my fellow human beings was set in stone after my brother and I were involved in a car accident the summer following my graduation from High School. I was able to witness firsthand the genuine and
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