My Life Changed For The Worst

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I remember the day so vividly, the day that my life changed for the worst. It was just like every other year. We were going to get Tux, my cat, shaved. He’s a long-haired cat so we get him shaved every summer so he does not get unbearably hot. This year was slightly different, though. Along with getting him shaved, we were getting some potential tumors checked to see if they were cancerous, and get them removed. Although I was nervous about the tumors, I did not think much of it because nobody expects their cat to have cancer. The car ride to the vet was just like every other time, except the traffic was heavier than usual that morning. It was around 7 o’clock in the morning. It was a sunny day, probably around 80 degrees. My mom and I were carrying on small talk, and we had the radio playing quietly for background noise in hope of it calming Tux down. My mom thought it was annoying how much Tux talks in the car, but I find it very humorous. He never talks more than he does when he goes on car rides. We finally arrived at the vet clinic, after what seemed to be such a long car ride between Tux crying and all the traffic along the way. I picked the heavy cage up off my lap that held Tux inside of it. My mom went over to the receptionist to her know that we had arrived, but Tux and I went to go sit down in the waiting area. I had on my favorite pair of Soffee shorts, and I could not quit thinking about how cold it was inside the animal clinic. I remember when I sat down

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