My Life Changed Life And A Red Sweatshirt

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I stepped off the bus with a changed life and a red sweatshirt. I know what you may be thinking, and no, the sweatshirt didn’t change my life. The sweatshirt did look pretty nice though -- it was a lovely deep maroon with two white triangles that overlapped. But anyways, the design of the sweatshirt (no matter how cool) is irrelevant.

The life-changing event occurred just this past weekend, and I unfortunately, cannot narrow it down to a precise moment. Ever since the day of the winter retreat was announced, I had been counting down the days until December 9th. I was ready to spend time with my friends in my small group, and I was even a little excited that my crush would be there too (even though I have yet to work up the courage to
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I was nervous because our small group always consisted of girls in my grade, and now we were going to have co-ed small group for the weekend. Unfortunately, my crush wasn’t in my group, but that was okay. There were four boys, all from a rivaling school, and Sydney and I were the only girls. Small groups with the boys was drastically different to what I was used to. In our all girl group, we would talk on and on about random tangents. With the boys, their answers were short, and part way through they would get restless and start walking around the spacious room.

Our first small group consisted of basic get-to-know-you questions. When asked what store we would spend $1,000 at, I said a music store, Sydney said Hot Topic, and all the boys said varying sporting goods stores. It was a little awkward, but by the end of the weekend we all talked a bit more freely amongst each other.

When small group ended, we went to the tabernacle for group worship. After singing a couple of songs, the youth pastor came up and introduced us to who would be speaking for the weekend. The man who taught us had also gone to our church growing up. He told us that he was once exactly where we were. He launched into the message, where he talked about Peter laying down his fishing nets to go follow Jesus. He then had us each take a notecard and write down what our “nets”, or things holding us back from having a close relationship with God, and then put them up on
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