My Life Changing Events That Caused Me With My Dad

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I’ll never forget the life changing events that caused me to move in with my dad. It all started after my parents divorced. My sister Amanda was a year older than I was, and we were in middle school. My mother was dating two guys at the time and we had to choose which one we liked the most. Little did we know we made one of the biggest mistakes of our lives. Two years later my mother’s new husband Lem and I had a very close relationship. He bought me a guitar for my tenth birthday and we made a recording studio for fun. We spent all of our free time in that recording studio remaking old songs. He didn’t have a job at the time, so every day when I’d get home from school we would play music until my mother got home from work. Lem became more of a father to me than my own dad considering I saw him more. I only saw my dad five times out of the month because of the way the divorce papers were set up. I remember this day like it was yesterday, Amanda and I went to my dad’s house for the weekend. We got there on a Friday after school. Amanda had been acting funny for a few weeks, she became very distant, wouldn’t come out of her room and wouldn’t talk to mom. Saturday came around and I had been outside playing with my neighbors all day. When I walked upstairs the yelling got louder and louder. I thought Amanda was getting in trouble for leaving her towel on the floor again, but instead it was my dad on the phone with my grandmother. It turned out Amanda told dad that Lem put his

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