My Life Experience Essay

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Throughout life many if not all people will have experiences that change them in a meaningful way or teach them a valuable lesson that they can keep with them forever.In the year 2015 there were two primary events that had a distinct impact on me as an individual,and changed the way I processed not only life and death, but the way I processed everything.These events took place on valentine's day and October 12th which at first seemed to be normal days until I got a phone call.These phone calls were very unexpected and saddening because they were pertaining to the deaths of two of my grandparents.In this memoir I’ll be discussing what these deaths taught me,how they altered my perspective on life and how short and unpredictable it can be at times, and how they impacted my life.

The first encounter that I had with death in the family was on valentine’s day in 2015 when I had just finished playing in my first large qualifier for volleyball.When I woke up I was excited because I was going to my first big volleyball tournament , and as my day went on everything was going good.During my tournament my dad left to go to the hospital to visit my grandmother because he was told she was not doing well which I did not know about.When my day ended my teammate and I met up with my stepmom and began to leave the dome in st.louis where our tournament was being held.After walking for a little we made it to the car which is when we started heading to the house.While in the car my stepmom
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