My Life Experience

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Not many people can say their biggest life lesson was taught by a bus. On October 23, 2015 I was shown to never take my life for granted. Lakeside Rams football was ready to face Dequeen for the chance to win a conference championship. The intensity of game day was electrifying even though it was a humid, sultry, and rainy day we loaded the buses with our earphones in preparing ourselves for the night ahead. As we were loading up my buddy Jeremy grabbed me on the shoulder and suggested we sat on the sophomore bus because there would be more room. I agreed even though I despised the lower class and grabbed the back two seats of the bus. All the way up to this point in my life, I enjoyed bus rides and enjoyed them ten times more when the reasoning was to go play football. I enjoyed the calmness and relaxation as much as I enjoyed the jokes, sudden bursts of laughter, and the intensity I felt when we got closer to the stadium. Before we got to Dequeen there was a pregame meal at Outback where we filled our bellies with greasy steak patties, loaded baked potatoes, and some green beans and this always caused someone to go to every table and ask, “Anyone got leftovers?” As we ate that day, I surveyed the weather as I looked out the window and noticed the rain to get heavier and the sky become darker and for some odd reason my stomach began to turn and I didn't feel well. Before this day, the atmosphere on the bus was always a relaxation for me and helped me focus but that was
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