My Life Experiences

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As I’m sitting here thinking about my life experiences and deciding what I should write about only want subject comes to mind it’s something that I haven’t talk or write about in a very long time. It's not something easy to write or talk because the emotions that come with talking or write about are so strong that I rather not mention. Here’s my life lesson. I was born in Guadalajara Mexico. I have nine siblings. my parents married at the age of fifteen and sixteen. My mom was a housewife, my dad was the bread maker. My dad was nice, funny, loving but he had a violent side. My mom was quite whatever my dad said she obeyed. When I was nine or ten years my dad decided he didn’t want us in his house, so he kicked us out. I remember coming home from my aunt’s house and it was chaos my sisters crying and packing clothes. My mom was in the kitchen cooking my sister was begging her to stop telling her that we needed to leave or else he was going to kill all of us. I walked into the living room and I see my dad sitting in the corner sharpening knife. My mom didn’t want to leave my sister was still begging suddenly my mom tells me to get my brother and my clothes. I remember running my room getting my clothes and my brother when I saw my favorite pink dress it was too big to take with me, so I hid it in the corner of the closet. My sister had managed to speak to our next-door neighbor and she allowed us to throw stuff to her house from the roof my sister knew once we left the house
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