My Life Experiences With Healthcare

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On a mid-September evening in 1994, a LifeLion medevac helicopter landed at Hershey Medical Center, carrying a critically ill infant patient with an abnormal cardiac rhythm. Now, almost 21 years after that flight, that same infant, now a healthy adult working in emergency medical services, has transferred his own critical patients to the care of a medevac crew and flown as an observer aboard the aircraft. That infant was me; this parallel is just one example of how my life experiences with healthcare have shaped my dream to become a physician. From an early age, I was exposed to the medical field from the patient perspective. Due to my history of heart issues, I went for annual cardiologist checkups until age seven. I vividly remember being fascinated by the “stickies” of EKG leads and the “jelly” that enabled a technician to show images of my heart on the video screen of an echocardiogram. As I grew older, I transferred this early interest in healthcare to the field of public health. My work with the American Heart Association and the Alliance for a Generation Youth Advisory Board was instrumental in allowing me to develop my own voice to advocate for issues such as awareness of heart health and the prevention of childhood obesity. During this time in high school, I found myself doubting that I could commit eleven or more years of my life to training as a physician. I believed that my career would be more influential if spent in public service or government to

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