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I was born in Russian Far East, at a controversial Sakhalin island. The island belong to the chain of islands of the east cost of Russia that is contested by Japan as their own. Around 1950, USSR was colonizing second half of Sakhalin island, as a result, a lot of young people was sent over or came over to build out the island’s economy. My parents were among those settlers. With musical and railroad engineering background, they end up serving in police force and military intelligence division - KGB. Their carrier defined my early childhood. Soviet military took our family across continental USSR and stationed us in many parts of the country such as Ural mountains and finally in central Russia - City of Ivanovo. All of that taught me to …show more content…
Looking back, I think this is where I seeded my carrier in Computer industry. During that time, I built several basic computers on i8080 and Zilog Z80 microprocessors, learned assembler programming and concepts of software development utilizing advanced languages such as BASIC. Even before I finished school, I was spending all available time at University Data Center, growing and practicing new skills. It was that time when, I put a group of fellow students together to learn and develop software on PDP-11 computers. That group carried me through a whole period of my life in Russia.

As I was deeply submerged into Computers, Russia was evolving under Eltsin leadership. One of the radical change brought was to open a door back again for Soviet Entrepreneurs. That change created a slew of software development companies which begun changing Soviet Union from the inside out. Few of my friends and I went on and open software development startup. By that time, I was attending 2nd year of University and was working as computer network administrator in the Power Station Design Company.

Computer networks were becoming a necessity of any business and my sphere of interest. The more I thought, the more I get puzzled on how to take computer networks to public. I found about the existence of the modems, BBS and FIDOnet. FIDOnet was a hierarchical dial-up network of computers - nodes. I

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