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Family Experience Born in December of 1977, I was an early Christmas present to a young couple. My parents chose to adopt because they were told that they could not have children. I was adopted as an infant and my parents were able to take custody of me almost immediately after birth. I was actually the second child that my parents adopted. I have an older sister that was adopted as well. My mother always wanted a large family and she got her wish. My mother went on to give birth to two more children despite the earlier information from her doctors that stated she could not have children. Since I can remember, my parents have told me that I was an adopted child. My baby book has photographs of me in the arms of my mother and…show more content…
Now that I am a husband and a father it is a goal of mine to ensure I keep my work and family life balanced. I strive to focus on the quality of time I spend with my family when I am not able to get the quantity that I wish. I have a challenging career that requires a significant amount of my time and going back to school definitely makes it more challenging. I know that investing my time and energy in my education will allow me to spend more time with my family in the end and enable me to become a better provider. Educational Experience I was raised in a private Christian school as a child. I attended this school until I was in the sixth grade. In the sixth grade, my parents transitioned me to the public school system. I believe the lessons and faith I learned in the private school system have helped me become a better person. When I was younger, I took a great interest in school and did well. After transitioning to the public school system, I lost interest and my grades began to decline. School was never a priority for me and I put very little effort into studying or getting good grades. I have always seemed to retain information rather easily and did well enough on tests to pass classes despite not turning in many assignments. It seemed I always did just enough to pass. In fact, my GPA was just enough for me to graduate. As I got older, I realized the value of education and had flashbacks of all the educators of my past that said, “One

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