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During my formative years I attended a large Southern Baptist church in my hometown. In fact, the church's membership was nearly as large as that of the Catholic church in town which was the largest. I was a member of the Baptist church until I was 23. I had always felt a longing for something different. Not that what they believed was totally wrong, or that the style of worship was wrong, I just felt I needed something new, something different. I believe in God, I believe in Jesus and the Holy Spirit. I also believe that how we choose to worship God is not as big of an issue with Him as we humans tend to make it, as long as we do worship Him. In 1986, after careful consideration, I became a member of a small Lutheran church in my…show more content…
It has left me to ponder the question, "Why did my mother-evidently for the very first time- choose to leave me at home with a neighbor and take just my sister with her for a supposed trip to town for an ice cream cone?" I believe God had a hand in the situation. It wasn't my time. He had other plans for me. I have never revealed this story to anyone until now. I have kept it hidden in my heart and mind. Believe me, it has haunted me for years. What plans did God have for me that he stepped in to save my life? Shortly after my mother and sister died I was legally adopted by my maternal grandparents who raised me to adulthood. My grandfather was a hard worker, putting in many hours each day, including nights and weekends, to provide for us. He was a deacon and Sunday School teacher at First Baptist Church and would never miss a Sunday service unless he was ill. My grandmother also worked up until I reached the age of 12. My grandmother told me she wanted to quit work so she could spend more time with me before I grew up. Again, I believe it was God's hand at work that my grandparents easily won legal custody for me and that they cared enough for me to raise me as their son and grandson. I will never know why, but I always called them grandma and grandpa, never mother or father, mom or dad and the like. Even though they were my parents, to me, they were

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